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Looks like Hannah Baker is talking to some guy while walking on the street. Can you guess who is this guy?

At this second pic, looks like we will see more scenes at Monets. 🙂

This third photo is confusing, what is this? some kind of protest for Hannah?

At this photo, you can see they were already filming 13 Reasons Why Season 2, last June 16, 2017 at 7AM. So early!

This one is Hannah talking to school photographer slash her stalker aka Tyler.

Looks like Hannah is alone and doing some thing we cant see.

Hannah is still pretty and her hair is longer now.

Another photo that looks like there is some protest going on.

And another photo of the protest with a lot of extra and 13 Reasons Why crew.

And here, some people are protesting? we will see when season 2 launches next year!

Here it is, another photo of this scene.

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