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About Me

carlo soliveres benedicto fierce

me, drinking beer!

I‘m Fierce, the owner of this blog. My real name is Carlo Benedicto. I’m an IT graduate from Catanduanes State Colleges (University) now, located in Virac, Catanduanes, Philippines.

Since first year college, I always wanted to have my own blog and post everything I want from my perspective.

I was curious about how the malwares, virus and worms work when I was in college, so I spent my time studying about those things and I always join some discussions on some technology forums around the internet.

By that time, you will also learn some things like website making, photoshopping and repairing your own computer or laptop.

After I graduated in college, I was not working back in 2012. I was studying on how to see my website on the first page of Google until the internet showed me SEO or Search Engine Optimization. After that, I studied until I figured out how it works.

Back in 2014, I was able to rank my website on first page and rank number 1, that website made bank. I was able to pay our 2 lots and had a vacation in our province in Catanduanes. Until now, this is what I do, making websites and ranking them on Google to earn money. But of course I want to have a normal job to use my body and become stronger and healthier because sitting all day is bad for our health and will make us fat, hehe .  So yeah, that’s me. Oh by the way, my classmates in college call me Fierce, it is my nickname.

So, just enjoy reading here on my blog and post your comments and I will reply as soon as possible.

Cheers! ,