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Thanks for dropping by, so you’re looking for some Amenia Beach Resort experience and review with video & pics right? well, here we go.

Amenia Beach Resort in Virac, Cataduanes is one of most visited resorts in Catanduanes as it is in the capital which is Virac.

You can visit it easily because it is just few kilometers from Virac airport. You can use tricycle or hired car from the airport to Amenia Beach.

You can see me wearing sunglasses on this video with my niece and 2 sisters. We were swimming and the good thing is, there were no people in the pool. But there were some people outside the swimming pool having activities and some were in the beach just wandering and feeling the ambiance.

You can watch the video below to see the places around the swimming pool.

Ok, so did you watch the video above? say yes! just kidding. Now, we will talk about the beach in Amenia.

You can see the photo below, I was trying to relax and unwind that moment because the sand felt so good on my skin especially in my legs part.

The sun was not that bright when we were there but still the water was clear and warm.

The next photo is the most popular area in Amenia Beach because people are taking photos with this some kind of statue or arc with AMENIA BEACH on it.

The night in Amenia Beach was cold and the sky was starry and you can hear the ocean waves.

Ok, let’s go to the third photo. Was the sand good? YES! the sand was light colored and clean. It was warm too!

Perfect, if you have a family member having some health problems or pains. Just soak your legs and feel until you feel good and relaxed.

Hey we’re not done yet! Here’s the final review of Amenia Beach Resort in Virac Catanduanes

All in all, the experience was fun and relaxing! I’m not saying this because I’m from Catanduanes but because it was really my feeling when I was there. I’m planning to go back next time with my cousins or even my friends.

Are there any stores or restaurants inside the resort?

Yes, there are. You can buy everything you need because there was some kind of store there where they were selling soaps, shampoos, tooth paste and even deodorants.

There were some stores outside the resorts too where you can make them cook foods for you.

Do they have some sound systems inside the resort?

I think yes, because when we were there, I’ve heard some loud music and some were dancing inside the hall. I think they were having some activities that night. The songs they were playing were good.

So, that’s all! you can leave some comments below if you have some questions about Amenia Beach Resort in Virac, Catanduanes, Philippines.

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