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Alright, so do you remember when Drew Arellano visited Puraran Beach Resort in Catanduanes, Philippines?

He basically tried all the available sea foods in Puraran Beach and other part of Catanduanes. Like you see on the preview image of the video, it looks like he just grabbed a big lobster and will eat this juicy sea food together with his crew. There was coconut, suman and some green native pancit which looks like pancit bato. (correct me if I’m wrong, you can comment below this post)

He even went to Maribina Falls near Virac, Catanduanes. It is the most famous falls in Catanduanes because it is near from the capital which is Virac. There are many people going there to relax and feel the cold water running from the top of the falls.

Here are some photos of Byahe ni Drew in Catanduanes episode

You can also watch iJuander TV show where they also featured Catanduanes but that time it was Binurong Point. You can watch the video here.


Video by: GMA Public Affairs

Photos by: http://images.gmanews.tv/

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