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Everyone on Facebook has his/her group joined because being on a group on Facebook has many benefits like private posting, uploading private family images and even sharing some useful things or even downloadable contents. People are using Facebook group as their number one business tool because they are able to post certain type of their business with any group category that they want to post it.

In fact, there are many businessmen now using Facebook as their primary marketing strategy because it is easy and free. At the same time, they do not need to go outside to give flyers to people.

But having a multi group on Facebook is kinda pain in the arse, as it is time consuming and kinda boring when you’re doing it over and over again everyday.

That is why some smart programmers created a Facebook auto poster tool that post automatically on Facebook groups that you are belong.

They created it to save time and man power for salary as some business men are hiring social media expert just to do it everyday.

But be careful using this tool as sometimes, Facebook is banning if you are using this tool and doing it wrong, I mean some noobs are posting too quickly that is why Facebook detects them and automatically banning their Facebook accounts.


By the way the file is in PHP format, you need to upload it to your server or hosting to be able to use it. You can ask someone that knows PHP or hire on Fiverr.com

You can download it below

download link


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