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Here is my example of Facebook Instant Articles (Facebook IA) Earnings

Below is my earnings from Facebook Instant Articles from just posting to Facebook groups. I dont have a huge fan page at all but I managed to earned this.

As you can see on the earnings graph, my earnings is not that stable, if i do not post, there is a little or no earnings at all.

Comparing this to Google Adsense, Facebook Instant Articles is just an advantage for people who have huge fan pages.

With only 1-3 posts a day, they can ear more than 50 bucks if the have atleast 300k engaging and active followers.

facebook instant articles

Earnings from month of August-September

If you want to work with Facebook Instant Articles, I suggest you spend some time creating or writing contents.

And you also need to be so patient, posting to groups if you do not have a facebook page with many likes.

You can earn more, just be smart and creative so people on Facebook will click your posts.

Also, Facebook Instant Articles pays via Paypal and bank.

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