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I saw this tutorial from some forums that i belong.

I am sharing this gold mine to you all, my readers.

So, here we go.

Follow these steps on how to get free virtual credit card (VCC)

1. First step is to visit this website https://getbarter.co/

2. Fill up all the text boxes with your details. You can also sign up via your Facebook or Google account.

Note: Password should contain uppercase letter, number and a symbol.

Example: elamodM4$

3. Now, click the ‘CREATE ACCOUNT‘ button.

4. You will need to confirm your email address to verify your registration.
You should get an email from that website and a code.

5. Your account is now confirmed. Now, login to your account wallet.

Adding card

6. Click on ‘Card‘ at the sidebar to create your virtual credit card.

7. You have now successfully created a virtual credit card (VCC). Now, simple copy what the photo shows below.

  • Put any name you want.
  • Put $1
  • Choose NGN
  • Click the ‘CREATE CARD‘ button

That’s all. If you reached this part, congratulations!

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