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How to Unblock Your (Smart Sim Card: Smartbro, Jump-In, KickStart, LTE, etc.)

Madami sa ating ang mga heavy downloaders at heavy movie or video streamers. Kaya nabablock ang ating mga Smart sim cards or nawawalan ng data signal at minsan ay kulay red siya sa ating mga modem like huawei 936 modems.

If you have been a really heavy downloader and you are using Smart SIM card, or any data sim from smart, for sure you have experienced having your internet access blocked by Smart.

Follow the tutorial below para mabalik ang inyong data signal.


– Laptop/Phone/Computer with Internet Access.
– Blocked Smart SIM (LTE, Buddy, TNT, Jump-In, KickStart, Nano, etc.
– Atleast PhP 100.00 balance).

Insert the SIM to another phone/broadband to receive verification code.


1. Using a laptop/phone with internet access, go to http://my.smart.com.ph and register a new account using the details of your blocked SIM number (without the 0 in the first digit, i.e. 9281234568). Input your desired name, surname and password and hit Register button.
Your blocked SIM will receive an SMS verification from Smart and you will have to input the code into the page that appear next in the registration process
2. You will be redirected to the Smart Accounts Homepage once Smart verified that the code you entered is correct.
Then, click the blue Select button at the right side of the page.
You will be redirected to Your Smart Accounts page.
Click Account Services
(at the left panel)
}Phone and SIM}
}International Roaming}
}Deactivate International Roaming.
Click the blue Proceed button to finish the process.
3. You will see a notice that your request will be processed within 25 minutes on the next page.

Alternative Way to Unblock Smart Blocked SIM cards

1. Text ROAM ON to 333 and wait for confirmation message.
2. Text ROAM OFF to 211 and wait for confirmation message.
3. Text PROTECT ON to 9999 and wait for confirmation message.
Unblock Talk ‘N Text SIM
1. Send ROAM OFF to 333 and wait for confirmation.
2. Send SET to 211 and wait for confirmation.

Alternative Method for Blocked Data (Jump-IN, KickStart, SmartBro, Buddy, Nano)

1. Send SET to 211 and wait for confirmation.
2. Send PROTECT ON to 9999 and wait for confirmation.

That’s it, your internet access is no longer blocked!

Note: You have to have at least one hundred peso (100 php) balance in your account for this tutorial to be a success.
Don’t worry, your hundred pesos will not be consumed.

Credits: symbiabianized and pinoyden

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