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For any online marketer, expanding your coverage to incorporate international customers is a good thing. Many well-established enterprises have developed adequate methods of going global. Internet marketing involves taking your brand visibility to further heights. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process brand marketers use to make sure that a website’s search engine visibility is high.

As you prepare to start your international marketing campaign, here are a few valuable tips, specified by Oliver King, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt.

1. Multicultural Competency

When reaching an international audience, it is a good idea to have a website content available in multiple languages. Here, the main thing is to understand cultural barriers within your target geographical area. The content you choose and the language should be within the acceptable limits.

In other cases, it is important to understand cultural diversity across many nations. Different people use different online and offline platforms to do their online tasks. For instance, most Chinese people use instant massagers like MSN Messenger or QQ messenger while the USA uses WhatsApp. In other cases, China uses search engines like Baidu while Europe uses Google.

2. Customize Search Engine Marketing Locally

It is important to choose the search engine to optimize in the international country you are targeting. For instance, in China, doing SEO for a website on Baidu instead of Google can be a worthwhile idea. Depending on your niche, other might prefer Yahoo or Bing. The content should remain localized yet as relevant as possible. It is from here keywords come into play.

3. Understand the Regional Laws

In every region, laws are governing the way products are regulated, advertised and sold. For instance:

  • Advertising regulations

A country has to approve the promotion of a particular product and control it. For example, comparative advertising might be illegal in some countries.

  • Regulation of sales tactics

A country allows for some specific sales promotion tactics. Methods such as sweepstakes, contests and deals are regulated by the country.

  • Product regulation tactics

The country you are selling the product should be free of its usage, chemical constituents, safety measures as well as of their regulatory standards.

4. Optimize Website Design

The UX should be a primary factor to consider when optimizing a website for global usage. The website colors should reflect the cultures you are incorporating in your international marketing strategy. In the case of a site/app with a payment gateway, the API of the payment processor should support currency conversions to their native currency. The loading speed should be high on the local website.

5. Adopt Social Media Marketing (SMM) on Various Languages

Social media has the option of local targeting. One good idea is to use SMM tactics such as targeted advertising.


For any online business, the need for establishing a safe and adequate market potential is usually the primary goal. Many entrepreneurs might want to expand their businesses by taking their brand global. One of the most effective ways to make a website global is through internet marketing. Use the tips mentioned in the article, and your brand will go global through simple marketing tools such as SEO.

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